it's been 27 long hard years and still strugglin'

survival got me buggin', but I'm alive on arrival

gladly breaking with my tradition of non-activity for this itty bitty trailer of what could be one of the best things ever. although the wu and their respective solo offspring is crowned and respected throughout the hiphop (and music) industry, little is known about the creative process and interpersonal dynamics involved. I for one am pretty curious about how the GZA, who often comes across pretty puritan, almost militaristic maybe, gets along with the ever so smooth wizard of poetry. available lecture has never brought me much satisfaction and I'm hoping this documentary will shed some light on the questions I ask myself. It's been ten years in the making so it better be good. plus, the killahbees definitely have to make up for the poor performance they displayed three weeks ago. thank god we had dizzee and some pitbeef to keep us entertained.

wu tang : revealed (geniusly written and directed by the GZA)

oh and I just came across these in my inbox. david beckham is a twat, but these look kinda sweet, just like some of those ransom series did.

available now from crooked tongues

saw band of horses, ellie goulding, black rebel motorcycle club, blink 182, minus the bear, iron maiden, the bear that wasn't and and so I watch you from afar and a bunch of others all in 9 hours time. I don't know about you, but seemed like a pretty good day to me, pretty pretty prettyyyyyy pretty good.

when the jungle was open I rolled in with the riders

stole food from the bears and bought it back to the lions

been tryin' out a load of new spots, as usual. pretty productive week. I love food.

don't let those beans fool you. pretty tasty bowl of noodles, shrimp, vegetables green curry and coconut milk

chicken curry dish at one of antwerps most authentic chinese restaurants. no frills, all thrill.

ironic yet cute little information detailing. first class perfectly peppered steak. healthy perfectly seasoned garnishing.

all this... and dim some.

been cooking up some pretty good stuff for myself as well, I'm no Ferran Adria yet by any means, but there's definitely something really satisfying about a home-cooked quality meal. I should take it easy on the ice cream tho.

planning on eating sushi/noodles again at soho's tomorrow before staying sane to the tunes of state of mind in kempi's hometown. and I'm having dinner at camogli's this friday with four ladyfriends. last time this occured I turned philosophical on myself and ended up winning a puzzle, pretty random. we'll see what happens this time.

oh and the sales period was pretty disappointing for me to say the least. bought myself my umpteenth pair of desert boots to go to work in, a vans duffel bag for those weekend trips we all love so much and a vans x bad brains canvas belt which is actually the ugliest piece of clothing I bought since a salmony orange v neck sweater.

speaking of shameful clothing. I still hate how mediocre streetwear brands suck dry an independent underground music movement out of lack of creativity.

there's nothing like rollin' around bumpin' some carter II with the windows down in times like these. other recent tunes include: the bird and the bee, bad brains, joshua radin, kid cudi, karma to burn, black sabbath, belle & sebastian, bat for lashes, ... and so on. seems like I'm stickin' around at the letter b on my ipod.

if I fall, if I die

know I lived it to the fullest

stumbled upon this cudder interview in which he talks about style, his objections to the current state of hip hop and a band of horses show in carnegie hall. he makes it sound so awesome and in doing so makes me regret missing out on their performance about a month ago for whatever bullshit reason. luckily I'll be seeing them in two months with about a dozen other quality acts. however you can't compare a grass field with thousands of loudmouth morons with the intimacy of a good club show. I guess beggars can't be choosers at this point.

here's some relevant footage by aforementioned artists, two versions (pick your fav)of cudi's pursuit of happiness and two of my favorite band of horses songs. enjoy.

ft. mgmt, ratatat

megaforce version

both remind of how immaculate his style and how refreshing his sound is.

things start splitting at the seams and now it's tumbling down. hard.

is there?

playlist these last few:
band of horses - cease to exist
mogwai - mr. beast
minus the bear - planet of ice
qtip - the renaissance
saves the day - stay what you are
camera obscura - my maudlin career
winne - zonder strijd
lil wayne - no ceilings (which made me realize the line 'swimming in polo/sleeping in jordans' is pretty fitting for my previous post)
karen 0 and the kids - where the wild things are OST
... and a whole lot more

I'm a do just what I want

lookin' ahead no turnin' back

I'm usually not too much of a fan of the summerseason, for the simple reason that I can't stand extreme heat, witnessing clueless suckers in capri's and the sun coming up at an unreasonable time. add to that the fact that I love jackets and sleeping in on cold, dark days and you can pretty much guess fall or winter is more my steez. I must however admit that the summer got off to a pretty good start and this last week was pretty ffin' awesome, aside from the lack of sleep that is.

wore these ralph lauren swimming trunks and gallons of 30°C water on my skin today. I can see this becoming a regular sunday thing for the coming months. next step is learning how to make the perfect mojito royal, shouldn't be too hard right?

payed levis antwerps newest store manager an itty bitty visit yesterday after getting tipped on a pair of LVC selvage 505's with my name on it (litterally) chilling in the stockroom. picked up a playful shirt too (why not). got hooked up with quite the discount as well (for which I'm grateful).

oh and these have been sitting at my place for a minute now, one of the better recent jordan releases for sure. I'll be switching to black laces on the celtics pair though. also featured in the back are my bo jackson trainers in which I've been strolling around town the last couple of days. these seem to be turning a lot of (non-sneaker)heads. I know they're bright and I'm really sorry I don't adjust my style to whatever my friends, their friends and just about anyone in the street is wearing. it's called individuality, you might want to give it a shot.

other than that I returned from a great trip overseas about a month ago which was probably one of the illest two weeks in recent memory. so thanks to all the individuals involved.
picked up a shitload of gear there as well, what'd you expect. TCOB reunion in two weeks, that's what's up. I'm already picking my brain (and bank account) on a location for my next getaway, suggestions are welcome.

been listening to eminems latest record on repeat, which is by far the best material he ever wrote. switched it up with some holy mountain and the latest top notch extravaganza mixtape today. music pretty much determines my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'd still rather drive 2 hours to go see a good performance than to pass out intoxicated at a bus stop after a day of open air clubbing or to gather round a tv screen to see a bunch of overpaid guido's kick around a leather device for an extended amount of time, but that's just me I guess.

peace. life's so priceless.

toast to the good life

back to the hood life

it's been a moment since I last checked in here and in all honesty I'm not really checkin' out the release dates of the latest jordan retros as intensely as I used to (still love myself a solid pair of J's though) or following any blogs myself. in return, these last few months have been such a rollercoaster, characterized with both the butterflies induced by steep descends and the fear of something going terribly wrong in the process. but for now, I'm totally high on life. I probably had some of the most satisfying days/weeks ever and I'm experiencing life as one big party as of late. not in the sense of a bunch of people gathering for excessive alcohol consumption and moving their bodies to music in a ridiculous fashion, but more in the sense of finding joy in pretty much everything I encounter, big or small. most of the time reality has a way of slapping you in the face or even stabbing you in the back, but lately it has been stroking me in places that love being stroked actually. I've truly been living from day to day and saying yes to pretty much every experience coming my way, which often means you gotta sacrifice some sleep, but since sleep is the cousin of death, I'll just accept fatigue every now and then.

also, this whole going out for dinner is getting kinda ridiculous, last friday marked the absolute summum of idiocy when I had sushi first, only to go out for steak one hour later. I guess this is quite litterally the price you pay for being a yes-man. I for one am not complaining, but I think my piggy bank is.

so I guess I'm just awaiting the unavoidable low that is to succeed this incredible high.

I've made it my mission to try every sushi spot within a 20 mile radius of antwerp/ghent. some all round japanese eateries that let you combine rice/noodles wok dishes with sushi, might have seen my face a lot lately. having a real hard time limiting myself to just one dish.

finally got around to having a little looksie over at ed templeton's new expo, displaying pretty much all of his work. way more extensive than his exposition in Antwerp last year, incorporating more daily life pictures. balancing between socio-critical, hopelessly romantic and just straight up nasty. runs till june.

chicken - peanuts - noodles - coconut curry - maki's - inside outs - .... note the boat (and my little rhyme I did there)

these simple yet effective blazers reached the cs hq two weeks back. immediately broke 'em out for a night of culture club. nylon uppers, black swoosh, no frills. beauty often lies in simplicity.

heavy riffage calls for heavy duty garments. round toe red wings - levis 500's - dickies lumberjack shirt to go see yob, goatsnake, eyehategod, karma to burn, about 100 more bands and a poor excuse for a kyuss coverset over at this years roadburn fest. if this whole career thing doesn't work out I'd totally be equipped for a job in construction (what's up nyhc video). at least then it'd be permitted for me to holler at beautiful women and show my buttcrack.

overpriced wannabe american junk, stuff like this tastes way better when it's 50% cheaper

so I recently got introduced to this all u can eat japanese joint. best/worst move ever. I believe this was round three. h-e-a-v-e-n

my person picked up this shirt for me in paris. the quiet life's ode to joy division, loving the sweet irony. this way I can wear a joy division related shirt without looking like too much of a burned out and jaded ex-hardcore cliché. furthermore, the CEO of the LSC also hooked it up with a 1966 selvage version of the classic levis 501. pretty sweet.

I'll be boarding a plane overseas tomorrow for two weeks of intense living, so again don't expect me to update this anytime soon.

antwerp - ghent - brussels - amsterdam - philadelphia - boston in one week time. I might not be fashionable, but I am international.

to quote one of the most influential musicians and businessmen today: life's so priceless.

one love

a week in the life of ...

part deux

avenue stock sale, cheap gem. light blue but(t)fuckit.

family dinner. also present: chocolate cake & baileys cake. del rey, what's up sjaske.

I'm a shark, y'all just koi fish

although I'd love to be able to identify myself with a tv show such as entourage (who doesn't), I think this is way more accurate. nwa shirts, japanese denim, energy drinks, prps jeans, hustlin' sneakers, big city life, ... cannot wait for se2. and cannot wait to cross the pond again in may for ten days of excessive living.

scampi al diavolo.

I've been called a lot of things, but never funny.

a.d.d.i.c.t.i.o.n. picked up these round toes for mad cheap. also copped my fourth pair of nashville selvages, mackin' & stackin', better be prepared. you can't spell red wing without edwin anyway, right?

archie bell & the drells - tighten up
drake - comeback season
the roots - dilla joints
lil wayne - dedication 3 mixtape
graveland - spears of heaven
nina simone - the very best of
birdman - family over everything
inara george - all rise
thorr's hammer - dommedagsnatt
danzig - lucifuge
... and many many more

off to go see eyehategod and blind to faith in ghent now, peace!

cause I win and they lose

I call'em april babies, coz they fools

ever had that feeling of having something good right under your nose, but not really seein' it?

had dinner at restaurant 'marie' the other day. apart from an upgraded tavern this is probably the eatery which is closest to my door. I always thought it was just a bar until I got invited to eat there.

about 10 tables big and 4 options per course. offering modernised classics with a creative twist here and there.

tomate crevette

steak topped with anchovis, served with unpeeled yet seasoned baked potatoes and fresh salad. just a little bit too salty for my personal taste. will definitely opt to leave the fish off in the future.

rolled up in vans vault LX half cabs

starters + main course + drinks = about 40 euro

boomgaardstraat 42

(blame apple for the poor photo quality)